cNEXT call: The Choice Architect

The challenge

How can designers facilitate a paradigm shift? 

Almost all knowledge and technology is already available. We have the knowledge and technology for a better world. We know what steps to take, yet many people don’t seem to realize the consequences. Perhaps designers should stop emphasizing the obvious choices and entice people to take other choices that improve society. I think a paradigm shift has to take place, which is difficult and takes time. How do we ensure that we not only understand the problem and think critically, but that we all strive for progress together? 


My name is Dagny, born in the late nineties. I am a graphic designer based in the south of the Netherlands. I want to create ‘things’ with meaning. I love to work in an interdisciplinary team and research the problems and needs of society. I hope to graduate in 2020 at Maastricht Academy of Multimedia Design and Technology.
Dagny Vogely

Maastricht Academy of Multimedia Design and Technology.

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